Younger Generations and Voting

I hear it all the time.   The younger generations do not vote.   I am a member of Generation X.   A Generation you do not hear a lot about these days.   I vote.   I have run into a lot of people that are younger that tell me often that they do not vote.   They also tell me that voting does not matter and nothing political effects their lives.   This makes me sad.   Everything we do is effected by politics.   The taxes we pay on items we buy.   The zoning of where businesses can go.   What the minimum wage is that employers can pay us.  All of these things are decided by politicians.   As I explain these things to people they often seem shocked by how politics is in their daily lives.   I have been doing a lot of outreach to a lot of the younger voters.   Trying to get them involved with being a part of the change in politics.   What politicians are deciding today will effect future generations.   So I encourage everyone to reach out to their neighbors and to their friends.   Talk to them about why voting matters.

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