Why we need to run for all seats!

All I hear is that campaigning is hard.   Well it is hard.   It is a full time job and you have to be the master of time management.   You have to have thick skin and be okay with what people might say about you but it is worth it to make a change.

Here in Pasco we have two seats where the Republican incumbents keep running unopposed.   I have heard it from people that they won’t lose because they have money or they have the support or just that it is a hard seat to win, but yet no one tries.   So if you convince yourself you have lost and you have not even tried, then you have lost.   We need to try.   Continuing to let them just walk in is not an election.   The longer we just keep letting them walk in, they longer they will hold those seats.   We need to be the agents of change and we need to start trying.   I am tired of hearing people already admit defeat when they have not even tried.   So if you have thought about running for office and you live in these districts, reach out and let us know.   It can be done but someone needs to be the brave one and they need to step up and try.


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