Why the environment matters

Our environment matters.   We only have one planet and we need to take care of it.   Building mines in farmland and roads through a wetland is not taking care of it.   We have only one planet to live on and we need to make sure that it is here for future generations.

I am standing with the group that is trying to stop the Lago Verde Mine from being put in farm land at the springs head of the Weekie Wachee Springs.   I do not think that this is a good idea, because blasting near a water source and homes can only lead to problems.   This will disrupt the farms, the homes, and the wildlife that are already there.   I cannot imagine what it would be like to have your homes shaking from blasts as they mine for limestone.   I still cannot believe that our current County Commissioners believe that farm land is the perfect place for a mine.   I understand that they are funded by the mining company but that is not good for the citizen’s.

I am standing with the group that is trying to stop the Ridge Rd expansion.  There is no need for an East West Evacuation road.   Calling it an evacuation road is ridiculous.   During the last hurricane the vast majority of the people went North.   I went East and stayed in Lake Padgett Estates but when I left, there was no one going East.   This road is to appease a promise they made to a developer.   It will go through the Serenova Preserve and will go through a wetland.   The road price continues to increase every year on how much it will actually cost to build the road.   This will be a huge tax increase to the citizen’s of Pasco County for a road that was promised to a developer.

We can develop in Pasco but we need to develop smarter.   Developing on wetlands that will eventually create sinkholes and take homes is not smart.   Building a road right through a wetland will not solve any of our issues with evacuation, but it will cause issues to the environmental land that it is going through.

So if you want more information on these issues and you want to support these causes please check out their change.org pages.   They are trying to save these lands.   It is still possible to stop this from happening.





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