Why talking to all voters matters!

I know that there are a lot of registered Republicans in Pasco.   I am fortunate that when I talk to them, they often tell me that they are impressed with my message and that they are going to vote for me.   I also know that there are also a lot of voters in Pasco that do not vote.   I run into them almost daily.   I talk to them about why voting matters.   Some of them never realized that the programs that they use were voted on by legislators and they can choose someone that will actually fight for those programs that they need.   I discuss with them using logic and common sense when planning and implementing things in the County.   They like what I have to say.   I am proud to say that a lot of people that have been registered for a long time but never voted before, will be voting this year.   I talk to the people about the issues that matter to them.   This is important because we have commissioners that do nothing except what their donors want.   Talking to the voters about how things can be different and that there is going to be a commissioner that is like them, motivates people to get involved.   This gives me a lot of hope that we will be changing the face of politics in Pasco this year.   I had a young lady say to me the other day, she does not vote because no one that runs for office is like her.   We had a long talk and after we talked she said, I am voting for the first time and I am voting for you.   She was encouraged by the fact that there is someone running that is like her.   I know that we will be changing thing this year and we will be doing it to improve the quality of lives for all of the people in Pasco.  Of Course I talk to the Democrats as well, because we need all the voters involved to make this change happen.

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