Why I am running.

I hear this question a lot.   I was asked and told for years that I should run for office.   I am told that I have an amazing knowledge of the issues and an ability to look at things from both sides and come up with logical solutions.  So the question is why now?    Well the State of Florida eliminated some programs that helped a lot of people.   These were people that I worked directly for.   These people are underserved and often forgotten in the system and the system is hard to navigate without a person advocating for them.   These are people that are living with AIDS, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Cystic Fibrosis.   These programs were eliminated from the State Medicaid program.   I signed up to run because I want to fight for the people that cannot fight for themselves and continue to be forgotten.   I have watched as elected officials play on their phones and openly ignore their constituents.   I have watched as elected officials refuse to listen to the problems of their constituents and actually tell them that “it could be worse”.   I know that we have a lot of problems here in Pasco but if we continue to ignore the people, these problems will never be solved.

I have also been actively trying to find someone to run for every seat in Pasco County.    I am doing this because it is time to contest all of these seats.   The fact that these elected officials are never contested is why they are still in office.   This is why we continue to have the same options offered to us.   When I talk to people who tell me about their benefits being cut, it is heartbreaking.   As I walk around the county and talk to the voters, I hear their stories.   I hear what is going on with them and how the County ignores or forgot about them.   I talk to them about what is going on and what I would do differently.   This seems to give a lot of the people who are registered to vote but have never voted before motivation to actually vote.   I know that it is hard to unseat an incumbent, especially one that continues to run on his fathers name, using his logo and signs, but it can and will be done.    Right now a lot of the incumbents are scared.  Scared that they will lose the seats that they feel entitled to.  As I work to make sure that all seats are contested and that all of the women running get elected, I think about how this will improve the lives of everyone in Pasco County.   We have a lot of great Female Democrats running and I know that they will win as well.   I know that Kelly and I will work well together on the County Commission.   I also know that Kathy Lewis will do amazing as a State Senator.   I know that Linda Jack and Tammy Garcia will knock it out of the park together in the State House.   Joan Hook will also do an amazing job on the New Port Richey City Council.   We will be changing the face of elected officials in Pasco County because we are all strong women running as Democrats in Pasco.   Now it is the job of all of us to reach all of those voters and get them to the polls.

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