Why do people not run for office?

Well they do not run because running for office is more than a full time job.   It is something if you are dedicated to winning the race takes up the majority of your time.   You have to put in the effort to win and be willing to face a lot of criticism.   Your life will be put under a microscope and you have to be prepared for people to say mean things to you.   I can tell you though it is worth it.   It is worth it to push the needle a little bit more to be that agent of change.   It is worth it to see that you can give hope to people that there are still people that actually care about people and are willing to step up and run.   It is worth it to get people excited about a candidate and excited about voting.

If you want to run for office, find out what the office is that you want to run for.   Seriously find out what they actually do and what you will be required to do.   Find out when it is up for election and find out what the requirements are to qualify.   We have a lot of seats here that go uncontested.   So the person filing literally just walks in.   That is not an election.   We need people that are willing to step up and wiling to put in the work to run.   Volunteer for another candidates campaign.   Get some hands on experience so you can understand what running will involve.   If you have difficulty speaking to people, you will need to work on that.  Running for office and getting elected means you will have to talk to people.  Find out what the issues are in the area that you want to run for.   Start educating yourself.   Elections for some seats are over 2 years away and this will give you time to start to prepare.

Seriously we need qualified people to step up and run for office because it is time for us to stop just giving people a pass and let them walk into any seat.   Remember you might lose the first time you run but so did a lot of other famous politicians.   That does not make you a failure it just makes you someone that tried but you still pick yourself up, dust yourself off and you try again.

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