Why do I run?

I run because I believe that we can do better for the people!

I run because I know that we can do better for the people!

I run because the people deserve better!

We deserve better than elected officials that only see us as dollar signs and see our open spaces as a place that they can profit off of.   We deserve people that can fight for us and that will fight for us because they are not afraid to stand up and say and do what is right!   We deserve to actually have leaders in office and not just puppets that cannot form an opinion of their own because they worry about losing votes.   Our people deserve better!

We are in a tough and difficult time and yet our elected officials continue to hide and refuse to step up and do what is right.   Someone reached out to me and said something that impressed them about me is that not only will i lead but I also show up!   I show up even when i know that the room does not want me there and I still speak the truth about what is going on.   I show up and fight for what is right even when it is not the popular thing to do but it is what is right.   That showing up and making it clear that people matter is vitally important during this time because people need a leader that will continue to show up and fight for them not against them.

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