Why contesting all the seats matters!

For years we never contested the seats in Pasco.   We often let them run unopposed.   We continued to just let them walk in and never fought for what was right.   We still do not have Democrats running for 2 seats in Pasco.   We have a No Party Affiliation trying to get on the ballot for 38 against the incumbent but no Democrat.   The longer we continue to let them go uncontested the longer they will continue to be the party in power.   We have lost so many great programs in Florida and programs continue to be defunded.   Why is it that we lose all of these programs that help so many people?   It is because we have a elected officials that have no concept of what it is like to have to use these programs just to survive.   We have a lot of problems in Pasco.   Yet our legislators continue to ignore them because they do not impact them directly.   As I watch programs sending out emails about how programs that help are currently on the chopping block at the State level, I get frustrated because like a lot of you I have reached out to my elected officials and often am ignored.   They forget that they work for us.   We should not have to beg them to do their jobs for the people of Pasco, yet we do.   They feel secure and have no fear of ever being voted out because no one runs against them.   This is a huge issue.   So if we want to change things we need to step up and run.   So if you are in 10 or 38 , step up and run against them.   We want to change things in Pasco and the first part of that is getting people involved.   Also isn’t it time to get them to spend all of that money that they have raised to run?   So let’s keep them all busy focused on their own races so that they understand that the people are tired of being ignored.


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