Why am I running

I hear this from the friends of my opponent a lot, that he tries and I should just end my campaign.   Here is the issue.   What has he done that actually benefits that citizen’s of Pasco and not the developers that donate to his campaign?   My future district is District 4.   What has he actually done for the people in District 4?   He voted for a mine in another district.   He was excited about renaming Holiday in another district.   (which they are now not doing and oddly enough taking all of my suggestions on things to do in Holiday)   He talks about the Waterfront Development Plan but nothing has been done with those plans in 7 years.   It is great that we have plans but we do nothing with them.

I am running because I believe a government has a responsibility to the people that it governs.   I believe that they have to answer to the people and our current County Commissioners do not answer to them at all.   I have watched in meetings as they brush off constituents they do not agree with.   I have watched them belittle people about their problems and tell them that it could be worse.   I am tired of people being treated this way by their elected officials.

I am running because I care about all of the people in Pasco.   All of them!   I believe that everyone is important and everyone has value.   We have a lot of issues in Pasco that need to be worked on and the current elected officials only listen to those with the money to support them.   They just permitted another mine in Pasco.   The homes and businesses in that area are already suffering because of blasts from another mine, and yet the Commissioners did not care.   They got money from the mining company and voted with their financial interests in mind, not the quality of life issues that their constituents have.   I want to make everyone’s lives better in Pasco and how I will do that is listen to the constituents on what it is that they want, not what my financial backers tell me that they want.   I want to make sure that everyone knows that they have a voice.

I also want to improve our water quality in Pasco.   I want us to clean up the waterways.   We need to do this to bring in tourists.   Our beaches should not be closed most of the time because of polluted water.

These are just some of the reasons I am running.   I always listen to people even if I do not agree with them because it helps to understand where they are coming from.   I am tired of us doing the same thing over and over again and then wondering why we have the issues that we have.


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