What makes you different as a politician?

I have been asked this a lot!   A lot of people have been burned by people that they voted for because of vague promises that were made to them.   I have thought about this a lot.   This morning I realized what makes me different.   I don’t do things because they benefit me, I do things because they are the right thing to do.

What made me realize this was someone who I know who works with people who have mental health diagnosis’s.  She reached out last night for solutions to a problem that some of the people she works with were having with accessing medications.   I brainstormed on it and sent her my thoughts and we had a conversation this morning about what was going on and I gave her some tips of how I have had to deal with insurance companies in the past that were not doing what they were supposed to do.   She had already called our elected officials and they basically said cannot help you best of luck.   I thought of a few outside the box solutions for things that I have had to try in the past because people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and they deserve access to their treatment as ordered by their doctor.  As I learned no one wanted to help that is in office.   No one wanted to sit and take a few minutes to ponder what to do to help out two people who were being given the run around by their insurance company.   I did this because it is the right thing to do.   I have always done what is the right thing to do.   I do not do it because it is easy, I do it because it is what is right.   Our elected officials have been given to big of a pass for too long.   They often do not fight for what is right for the people and they tell them best of luck when they do not want to help.   It is time for us to change that because our elected officials should care about what happens to us!   They should care about us no matter what!   It is time for us to remind them of that!




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