What is a CRA?

A CRA is a Community Redevelopment Agency.   It is basically earmarking that the tax dollars collected in an area are spent to fix and improve the issues in that area.   We have them here in Pasco County but only in the municipalities.   This is something that we desperately need in the County.   We need to work on areas that have flooding issues and that can be done easily through a CRA.   We need to work on areas that have blight issues.   That can be easily done through a CRA.   Yet our current elected officials view a CRA as a bad word.   They claim that it takes the money out of their pockets and forces it to be spent where the money is needed.   Think about that.   Think about your neighborhood and the issues you see in the area.   Think about what actually spending your tax dollars on that area would do for the area.   Aren’t you tired of people only showing up every election cycle to suddenly take down something that should have been done 4 years ago?   Aren’t you tired of them making vague promises of possibly helping?   It is time for us to get some ability to actually get the things done we need done here.   We have so many problems in this county and one of those problems is that we have elected officials that only show up when it benefits them.   When they can get a PR photo of then helping during election time, we deserve better.   We deserve someone that is okay with making sure that we are all taken care of and that the problems that are impacting our neighborhoods are actually worked on year round and not just every four years.   I will fight to make sure that we start approving CRAs in the areas that we need them.   To make sure that we start spending our tax dollars wisely so that we can improve things for all of the people of Pasco County not just the campaign donors of the Commissioners.

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