What District Do I live in?

I have been getting this a lot lately about why I am not on someone’s ballot or people thinking they live in District 4, because of the August Ballot.   County Commissioners are voted on Countywide!   We are assigned districts but the entire county gets to vote for all of the commissioners.   So you will see me on the November ballot and you will get to vote for 2 of the seats in November.

Yes it is strange that there is a seat on the August ballot but it is because the seat was resigned, so it is a special election and that is why it is on the August Ballot.   If there had been a Democrat running it would only have been a Republican primary and then they would have all been on the November ballot.   So the winner tomorrow will be the Commissioner for District 4.   You will see that same seat on the ballot again in 2022.

So yes you can vote for me, yes you can put out my yard sign and yes you can tell all your friends in Pasco to remember Brandi in November.

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