We will have primaries in Pasco.

This year we will have primaries in Pasco for some of our seats.   We will have options.   I advise researching who the candidates are and making the best choice for you.   What this does mean is that we will have a lot of people voting in August for the primary and a lot of people making choices for our School Board.   Currently there are 3 seats open and 10 people running.   We could see School Board Candidates on the November ballot.  When was the last time that happened?   I suggest researching all the candidates.   Following them online, and attending the debates.   With everything going on with our Schools here in Pasco this is the time that you could change the face of the School Board.

If you need to update your voter registration or sign up for vote by mail you can do that online.   Check and make sure that your registration is up to date.   This election is important.   We have a big chance here in Pasco to change the way things are run.  So talk to your friends about voting and make a plan to get to the polls.


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