When you think of Florida, you often think of the Disney and beaches.   Our state is a tourist destination.   We need to be using that draw to bring in the tourism dollars.   Why is it that we have been paying for this sponsorship and no one is making sure that we are getting what we paid for.   We need to increase the tourist dollars coming into Pasco because we have a lot of restaurants, and retailers that need those dollars.   How could our current BOCC just let them take the money and not hold up their end of the deal?

We have a lot of natural Florida here that we can be using to bring in tourism.   We have a large population of naturists as well.   We know what tourist draws that we have here and yet we are not working on increasing that tourism base.   We are paying money for a sporting event and not getting what we were promised out of the deal.   We need to make sure that we can bring tourists into Pasco because those dollars help to spur our economy.

We need a BOCC that is actually paying attention to what is being done with our money and making sure that contracts are being enforced.

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