Tired of doing the same thing with no results?

I read Mr. Bowen’s article this morning and thought things do need to change and the easiest way to change them is get the people out that are stagnant and not doing anything.   The fact that some of the Commissioners are suddenly very active during an election year is not shocking at all.   Suddenly there is a push to discuss the Harbors plan, but where is the push to start it.   I find it funny that after Kelly Smith and I started talking about changing the name of Holiday they are now calling it “re-branding”.   We know that it will take time and money to bring back the places on the west side that have been ignored, but our Commissioners have been doing nothing but wasting their time not fixing them.   We have 3 Commissioners that cover the West Side.   How is it that we have issues with our beaches being closed because of fecal bacteria?   How is it that we are once again back at the discussion of what to do with Sunwest Park?   How is it that they can call Aloha Gardens Park Premier?   I have not seen a metal slide since I was a child.   The fact that they can call that premier is disgusting.  How is it that in the 7 years they have had the plans for the Harbors project they have not started them at all?   If they argue it is because of the city of Port Richey, then start on the Holiday coastline and work inward.   Port Richey will catch up once they see what is being done.   I also find it funny that after I post about things, suddenly the Commissioners take notice of it and fix it.   The fact that constituents tell them about these problems for years and nothing is done, and then in an election year when an opponent says something they start to find the motivation to fix things.

We need to start changing things.   I am proud to say that people who have never voted before have said, they are voting this year and they are voting for me because I showed them how the system can be changed.   The fact that when I go out and talk to the people at their doors i learn about what is going on with them.   This is a great experience because you learn a lot about someone when you are at their house.   So I invite you to come out with us this month and knock on some doors and be a part of the wave of change that is happening over Pasco County and let’s try and change Mr. Bowen’s predictions for next year.



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