Time to stop hiding

I hear it all the time.   That there are no Democrats in Pasco.   Well I know that they are wrong.   We are here and we are strong.   The wave going across the nation to change the way this country is being run, is also alive here in Pasco.   Everyday I meet people that say to me that they are a Democrat and that they always thought they were alone.   I tell them all the time that they are not.   It is time for us to stop hiding, and to show that we are here to change things.

Look how the current County Commissioners backed away from changing the name of Holiday.   It was from us telling people about this and getting them involved in stopping this that stopped this from happening.   We can be the agents of change and we will be the new faces of the administration.   We have the power to bring the government to the people that it governs and we have been doing that.   I have been talking to people that are the underserved and that are the disenfranchised, they are tired of feeling that way and speaking to me often gives them hope.   A hope that things will and can be changed.   I know that we have a lot of great people in Pasco and I know that they all want things to improve and things to change.

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