The war on the name Holiday!

So our current County Commissioners want to change the name of Holiday.   They claim it is because the citizen’s of Holiday have requested it.   Yet every person I have spoken to in Holiday says that they never even knew about this.

I have heard that they want to do this because of the reputation of Holiday and that changing the name will fix that reputation.   That will not happen.   Changing a name never fixes the problems that they have in an area.   What fixes those problems are people working to solve the problems.   If they want to work on the issues of blight in Holiday along 19 bring businesses in that want to purchase the empty lots or vacant buildings and encourage them to build there.   If you want to fix the issues with crime, start neighborhood watch programs and set up community patrols.   If you want to fight the issues with substance abuse, work on funding programs that get people the help that they need.   Changing the name will not solve any of these problems.   It will cause an issue with a lot of the people there having to change their addresses with family members, banks, and credit card companies.   The name of Holiday is a great name, because after all who doesn’t want to go to Holiday in Florida?

So instead of changing the name of Holiday, we need to actually fix the issues that we have in Holiday.   No name change is going to solve these problems.

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  1. Well, the $20 million spent on that road to no-where would sure help resolve whatever issues Holiday has. Before a Community Policing/Neighborhood Watch Initiative becomes effective, the community itself has to want it and actively participate. Homeless issues need focusing on, without regard to sexual orientations or gender identities, drug/opiate problems need to be dealt with by law enforcement, judicial systems, AND health organizations, again, with community support and involvement. A Community is only as strong and vibrant as the citizens themselves want it to be.

    1. There are a lot of great people in Holiday and they want change and when they try to initiate that change current policies and entities shoot them down. There are neighborhoods in Holiday that organize and try to change things and actively attend the BOCC meetings and yet they get no response to their issues. Yes there are other things I could think of that would be a better use of the funds for the Ridge Rd Expansion. Yet our current Commissioners are more focused on what Developers want and what they need, not what the actual citizens of Pasco need. Have you seen the signs around Holiday have been put up that say Heroin kills? If that is their prevention efforts, it is a waste of time and money. We need to start working on programs that help to get people into recovery and treatment, that is the first step to combat the crime problem. We need to have Community Policing efforts because if you do not have the support of the community nothing is going to change. You also need policing and policies that are inclusive of LGBTQIA people. We need to work to bring up Holiday and changing the name is basically saying the County has given up. I listened to a group of citizens from Holiday talk about how they do not want a gun range between their homes, go ignored because of policies that allow it. I have listened to a neighborhood complain about flooding and how building an apartment complex on the 4 acres near their homes, that the water drains to, also get ignored and told well it could be worse. The Citizen’s want change but they also need elected officials that will actually listen to them and work with them for change. Yes we have a huge issue with Homelessness in our County and I want us to have actual homeless shelters that are inclusive and try to help solve the problem without judgement. Thank you for being my first comment.

  2. I say we split pasco into an east and west county. Odessa, elfers, trinity, N.P.R., P.R. Holiday & Hudson stay west coast and the rest stay east. The eastern portion of pasco is seeing a vast amount of expansion that is sucking up our police and tax dollars. While great enormous man made lagoons, grand skating rinks and new malls are being built. Neighborhoods like Holiday lake estates have chunks of sidewalk missing for years, roads that are so dotted with shotty tar patches for the last 40 years that you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to drive on them. Western pasco isnt benefitting from anything in Wesley Chapel and Dade City. Holiday florida has zero representation in pasco…no mayor or anything. Houses are abondoned since 2012 and banks leave them to rot. Crime is off the charts and police are non existant. Want to start making a change…dont change the name….split the county

    1. Splitting the County would split the tax base. it would not solve our problems but holding elected officials accountable for their policies and their actions is a first step in fixing some of these problems.

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