The Tale of Two Pascos

If you have lived in Pasco long enough you will notice that there is a difference between the East and West sides of the County.   The West side is considered the more run down.   The East side is full of the newer developments and the new shopping plazas.   The West side has issues with flooding and road repair and the East side has more traffic issues.   Why is it that our current County Commissioners let it get to this.   Why is it that they continue to neglect things like the parks or what is going on along US 19?   The West side has some amazing people and amazing places to explore yet we do not work with what we have to improve what we have.   The East side also has problems.   The traffic on the East side and the over-development have been causing issues for the residents over there.

So the question becomes how do we solve these problems?   Do we solve the problems with Holiday by changing the name?   Will changing the name of a place improve the issues with blight, crime, and flooding that they have?   Do we just widen roads to handle the traffic issues?  Do we just keep building more roads?   These are the current plans that they have to solve these problems.   There is no forethought in what will happen in the future.   As our County continues to grow, we need to look at how it is growing and where it is growing.   We need to make sure that there are jobs that make people want to stay here.   We need to figure out ways to install things like light rail so we take more cars off the road to alleviate the traffic problems.   We need to look at ways to work to prevent crime to take care of the citizens that we have.  We need to also improve the flooding and the quality of life for all of the citizens in Pasco County.   When we have County Commissioners that are not being funded by developers and by mining companies, we will have County Commissioners that actually want to improve the quality of life for all of the citizens of Pasco County.   That is why I will be that County Commissioner because I care for the people here, all of the people.


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