The #pascoproud

I know that when I search Pasco Proud on twitter the images are not the best.   It talks about things in Pasco that some of us do not want to talk about.   they have started a new initiative to change the #Pascoproud and this time it is about illegal dumping.   We need to work on ways to clean up the illegal dumping in Pasco.  I saw it a lot in this neighborhood after Irma, when it took the county a long time to get out here and pick up the debris.   The debris laying around was used by people to go around dumping couches and tv’s and other pieces of furniture on unsuspecting Pasco residents.   I know some of the residents did this but I am certain my 80 year old neighbor did not drag 8 couches out to the curb with her walker.   We have a problem here but we do not have solutions for it.   Maybe we need to open up a day a month for people to put things out to the curb for the county to pick up.   This would eliminate the number of people dumping couches out and about and clean up the issues with blight.   How much would that cost the County?   Is this something that we could even do.   We all have a lot of elderly neighbors that cannot take furniture out of their homes let alone drive it to the dump, would this help them with getting rid of items?   Maybe have a alternating months.   One month for furniture, one month for electronics, and one month for chemicals.   This would eliminate a lot of the issues that we are having.   These are all good questions that we should be asking the county.   We should ask them and make ourselves #pascoproud


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