The County will have…

I am glad that we are taking precautions in case of an act of terrorism such as what happened at Pulse.   It is good that they will be at the County buildings.   I feel that they should also be at the schools and also at the local bars and restaurants.   This is in response to what happened at Pulse.   A horrible mass shooting fueled by hatred.   We should be asking that these kits be distributed not just to the County buildings but to all of the County.   These kits should be kept in our Parks, our Libraries, our Schools, our Bars, and any of our campgrounds.   It breaks my heart that we have to worry about incidents like this.    I don’t think that these kits should just be with the AEDs that we have.   These kits should be put everywhere that people go to.   As a society no one wants mass shootings like Pulse to happen but we need to start preparing for what happens if they do.   We need to be aware of how to take care of a wound and how to do basic first aid.   Do we start teaching this in schools?   Do we start showing our children how to take care of people when they are injured?   With what we have going on today we might have to.   I do not want any tragedy like this to happen anywhere but it is good to be prepared for when it does happen.    So we need to be aware of where these kits will be throughout the County.

I hope that we never have to use these kits but it is a good start having them in case something happens.

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