Talking to people

I went to the CONA breakfast this morning and had a great time speaking to the people there.   I met a lot of great people this morning and got to learn about all of the issues that they have in Pasco County.

Once one of our Commissioners went up there and mentioned the renaming of Holiday, it started a discussion about renaming it.   I heard it loud and clear from this person that they also felt that this decision to rename Holiday is ridiculous.

We also discussed the issues of Flooding along the West Side.   Flooding is a huge concern and we need to start looking at it in a different way.   So we can fix this issue for all of the people in Pasco.   No one should have to worry that a new development is going to increase the flooding that their family has, or that their neighbor is going to go underwater.

I enjoyed talking to the people today at the CONA meeting.   They were inviting and all of them were happy to hear that I was running and quite a few were excited to help me run.   Thank you to CONA for a great breakfast this morning, a great meeting and a chance to meet such great people.

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