Supporters and Endorsements

I have noticed that my opponent is being endorsed by currently elected Republicans.   This does not surprise me.   He is also having a lot of big donors that are giving him money.   This also does not surprise me that the mining company with it’s multiple LLC’s can donate to him multiple times, or that the developers that want to develop in Pasco County also donate to him multiple times.

What people are not noticing is that I am getting endorsed by community groups that are reaching out to me and my donors are giving small amounts because they cannot afford to give more.   I have a lot of donors that have given to me during this campaign but they have not been able to give me large amounts.   Any amount that they are willing to give me means a lot to me.   The fact that I have a lot of retired people donating 20 dollars to me, matters.   It matters because it says to me that I have the support of the people.

I noticed that yesterday my opponent did not attend the African American Clubs event for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   I do not understand why he was not there.   These are his current constituents.   This is a worthy cause and the voices of the people do matter.   I went to this march because I support what Dr. King stood for, and I want to work to further the cause.   It was noticed that only two of the currently elected officials in Pasco County were there.   I am not sure why more of them were not.

So yes my opponent is being supported by developers, but I am being supported by the people.   So when people ask what makes me different, it is that I give a voice to the people not the developers.

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  1. Excellent Brandi. The people of Pasco County need all of the help they can get against the current BOCC. And many in the past haven’t been too good either.

    1. I have seen what the current BOCC says and does to people. I know I Will change how people are treated and actually listen to their issues and concerns. Thank you Pamela

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