Scalloping will be back.

Tourism is a big industry in Florida and in Pasco we need those dollars.   We need those dollars to help clean up our issues with water pollution that constantly closes our beaches which limits our tourists.   We need those dollars to fix the flooding along the West Side which limits the amount of tourists we see and increases our issues with blight.   We need those dollars to improve the quality of life for all of the people of Pasco County.

I get why my opponent wants Scalloping back, he is a charter boat captain and this will benefit him, but are we prepared for this season in Pasco?   Do we have the accommodations or the clean water that tourists want?   It becomes a question of what comes first the chicken or the egg?   I also find it odd that my opponent could not actually speak to the press and instead sent a text message.   What was he doing at the time of the interview?

Yes Tourism is a good business for Pasco but are we prepared for what the tourists will see when they get here?

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