Saving the Serenova and why it matters!

Yesterday I was out at the Dade City Fair participating in the Celebrity Cow Milking Contest, because I understand the importance of supporting the agriculture business in Pasco.   My opponent was not there but he sent a sign.   I know that he is busy following my page and my campaign.   I also find it funny that he had to send a rebuttal email to the Suncoast news about the Serenova Preserve.   His email goes on about how we need this road for hurricane evacuation which is not true and how the Preserve was set aside with the intention of building a road.   Which is also not true.   The fact that we have wasted millions over 20 years lobbying for a road to nowhere.   Money we could have spent fixing our infrastructure, working to get good paying jobs here to relieve our traffic issues, money we could have spent elsewhere.   Instead we continue to waste money and time lobbying for a road that the County Commissioners promised to a developer.   A road that will go through a nature preserve and destroy the environment that we are trying to protect.   Land that was set aside because of the environmental impact done by the Suncoast Parkway.   Land that was promised to the citizen’s of Pasco.   A road that we have no idea how much it will cost the citizen’s and a road that we continue to pay a lobbyist for every month.

We need fresh ideas for our traffic solutions.   I know that they are looking at “underground intersections”  as a time wasting tactic.   When it would make more sense to look into light rail and expanding our bus program to alleviate some of the traffic issues.   It would also make more sense to get jobs here that make people able to stay here for work, but then again we would also need to actually pay the county employees what they have already been promised.   Our constant refusal to look at logical solutions is what has brought to where we are in Pasco.   Then again I work here and live here and talk to all of the people here, not all of us can be out fishing all day.

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