Satire why it matters!

Satire has always been an effective way of expressing issues with Politics.   It is a way for politicians to know where they are falling short.   I have learned that some of the current elected officials have actually complained about satire sites about them and had satire twitter pages taken down because it upset them.   Why would you think that your constituents thought the site was actually you?   It even said on the site that it is a parody account.   I do not understand how it is that you can go into politics without thick skin.   People are going to say things about you and make fun of your bad decisions if you make them.   Satire has always been a way for the people to show the politicians their issues and concerns with what they are doing.   Why is it that current politicians feel that no one should point out the issues with their current policies?   When we limit the freedom of the people to speak out against the issues that they face because of politicians we are limiting free speech.   I look forward to the satire of me, when I am elected.   I know that it will be a way for me to learn about what people think of my policies and what I am doing.  So keep up the satire sites of the current elected officials.  It will give them things to try and shut down in their spare time and keep them busy.

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