Rental Housing Standards

I hear a lot about the issue with renters, but the real issue is that landlords are responsible for the upkeep of these homes.   I have to do home visits with my clients in this county and I have been in some of these places and thought this place should be condemned.   The landlords seem to let the houses get into such disrepair and when the tenant complains they are often evicted and then the landlord rents it again.

There are not a lot of available rental units here on the west side so people often take what they can find, but they shouldn’t be taking rental units filled with mold, or holes in the floor that let nature in, or leaks in the roof.   Rental properties should be  safe and habitable.  This is not a new standard.   We need a landlord registry and a rental inspection program, much like those that the City of New Port Richey has established.

The registry and inspection system should be self funded.  Registration fees would cover the cost of a code enforcement inspector going in and making sure that there are no noticeable hazards, like mold or holes in the floor, that the water works and that each rental unit is safe and habitable.   The Housing and Urban Development office actually sets standards for rental housing that have to be used for any of their rentals and there are training’s that are out there for our Code Inspectors to go through so that they know the standards.   This will help to clean up a lot of our blight and bring us safe and habitable rentals.