Power Plants!

Electricity is important.   We need to be looking at options for cleaner energy plants.   If they are looking to build another plant in the Spring Hill area of Pasco, why can’t it be a solar farm.   We have a resource that we need to be using.   Florida is known for sun, why are we not using it to power this state.   When Irma went through here we had issues with our power being out.   The traffic lights along 19 were without power and this caused issues when people were returning to the county after the evacuation.

Irma raised some questions about power in this county.   One of the questions was why our traffic lights are not solar powered.   This would have solved the issue of not having working lights.   Another question was, why are the power lines above ground.   We need to be working to improve that and bring them underground.   The winds that we get from a hurricane are going to take down the lines.   The trees that were down on the lines caused issues as well.   If the lines were underground this would have solved this problem.

We need to be looking at solutions in this county that make sense.   We need to start implementing things that show forethought of what is to come in the future.   Yes we will need more power options in the future but will we need another coal or natural gas power plant, or would it make more sense to go solar.


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