People are starting to file!

It is amazing how many people are signing up to run for office.   We need good qualified candidates to run.   It is time to oppose them instead of allowing them to just walk in.   We still have municipal seats that people need to sign up for in Pasco.   We still have seats that no one has filed for in Dade City, Port Richey, San Antonio, and St. Leo.   We need to build a strong foundation.   Down ballot elections matter.   If you are interested in filing and are not sure if you are in the cities then you can look it up online or on your voter registration card.

We also still need someone to step up for House Seat 38.   It is time to actually fight for the changes that we need and deserve.   The longer we allow people to run unopposed we will continue to have the same policies in place.   We will continue to see the programs that we need to help our citizen’s cut, we will continue to see the unions that we need to help bring good jobs attacked, we will continue to see the public schools defunded and devalued.   It is time to step up.

Then there is State Senate seat 10.   A seat that we need to contest.   The possibility of flipping the Florida Senate is within our reach.  The longer we allow people to run unopposed the longer we say that we are okay with it.   i get that it is a tough campaign but we have never tried.   The fact that he has never been opposed by a Democrat shows that we have never once tried.   Yes it is a large district.   It is part of Pasco, all of Hernando and all of Citrus.   There are people there that also want change.   It is just a matter of getting someone to step up and say yes I will run.

Campaigning is a full time job but it is worth it.   When I speak to people about me as a candidate they are impressed.   These are people that never voted before but have been registered for years.   These are people that gave up on their government because their government gave up on them.   These are the people of Pasco County and they deserve better.   They deserve elected officials that do not play on their phones and ignore them.   They deserve elected officials that understand what they are going through in their lives and care about them.   So if you are this person then please step up.   It is time for a change!  


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