Penny for Pasco

Back in 2015 voters approved the Penny for Pasco again.   The Counties portion of the funds are supposed to be used as listed:

Pasco County’s share of 45% is distributed as follows:

  • 40% for transportation improvements and to address traffic congestion
  • 20% for economic development & job creation
  • 20% for the acquisition of environmental lands
  • 20% for improving public safety

Yet the County is stretching their definition and borrowing from the Penny for Pasco  to pay developers for a park.     We need these dollars for our issues with traffic, job development, public safety and purchasing environmental lands.   Yet the Commissioners in October voted to pay a developer 30,000 dollars per acre for farmland totaling 4.4 million dollars.   Why are we wasting the dollars that we need for other projects to keep a deal with a developer?

If we continue to use our funds to help out developers and do not use them to help out our citizen’s by improving infrastructure or creating jobs, we are not solving the issues in Pasco.   We need to have commissioners that pay attention to what is going on with their citizen’s not what they can do to help out the companies that fund their campaigns.


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