One of the hardest parts of Campaigning

I get asked all the time what is the hardest part of campaigning for me.   For me it is the Fundraising part of campaigning.  Asking people to give of their time has always meant more to me then money but I understand that money is important to buy things for the campaign.   So I have started asking people for donations.   I always feel bad asking them to give their money to my campaign but I know that it is another way that people can support the campaign even if they cannot donate their time.   I always tell people no amount is too small.   Any amount helps.   I will need to send out mailers, get yard signs, hire staff, and get endorsements.

I have had a group reach out to me and unofficially endorse me, but I have to reach a certain amount in fundraising to show that I am my campaign is viable.   So I have started increasing my fundraising efforts.   I have to raise 52,000 dollars to officially get their endorsement.   So any amount pushes me closer to that goal.   I am chipping away at it on a daily basis.   I have started doing the fundraising calls more often and I have been getting people involved in volunteering for the campaign.   I understand that I need to work on asking them for money for the campaign but the community activist in me is always happy to have people giving me of their time.   I have always felt that someone’s time is one of the greatest things they can give to you.   I will still continue to ask people to volunteer but I am getting better at asking for donations.   So if you can donate you can do it online at my CrowPac account or you can mail a check to me at 8348 Little Rd Unit 139 New Port Richey FL 34654.

I will always be honored to have people giving me their time to help with my campaign and the amount of people that have been giving me their time has been amazing to me.   So thank you to all of the current and future volunteers that we have with this campaign.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    Want to start blogging for my campaign and struggle with asking for money but know it is important because I believe in what I am doing and want to be successful…makes it a much easier sell if I frame it that way.

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