My time in Facebook timeout

So apparently after I posted about my upcoming fundraiser, someone took it upon themselves to anonymously report my page and google email as spam.   I am not sure who did it, but I did win in the google appeal and I am pending on my Facebook appeal at this time.   So Facebook has temporarily suspended me from posting to groups or inviting people to my events.   So please share my posts and invite people to my events, because I am tentatively on Facebook lockdown until the 19th of December.

Either I am making my opponent nervous or one of his supporters.   I can still post on my campaign page but I cannot share my posts with anyone.   So please feel free to share away.

3 Replies to “My time in Facebook timeout”

  1. Sorry to hear that Facebook is making you stand with your nose in the corner. It sounds like you’re having better luck with your appeal then I have ever had with any of mine. Facebook still refuses to allow me if boost my page or any of my posts, they even deny my ability to donate to charities. They always give me the same 2 excuses, either I’m in violation of terms of service, or they have detected fraudulent activity on my account. Neither of which is true. Hope to see you back posting soon

    1. Ed the funny part is, they let me post at this time but I am not allowed to share or invite people to events. I hope yours gets straightened out soon.

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