Motherhood and Campaigning

I am so proud of the changes that we have made this year when it comes to mom’s running for office.   We now are allowed to have children on the floor of the Senate thanks to amazing women like Tammy Duckworth, and we can now count childcare as a campaign expense thanks to countless advocates.    I am a mom.   People who know me and follow my campaign know this.   Zoey goes with me to meetings and to events.   If I can find a person to watch her, then I go on my own.   She is a part of my life and is the future of this party.   Involving children at an early age in the political process helps to create future voters and voters that are engaged.   We need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to engaging voters.   If we keep our meetings not accessible to parents, then we will not be able to get them involved in the process.   I am fortunate that Zoey has made a lot of friends at these meetings and has been welcomed into the Democratic Party.   As the political landscape changes it is the responsibility of the party to evolve with it.   I am proud that we have had minimal issues with Zoey going with me to meetings.   She is the future of this party and the most important person in my life.

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