Masks and why we still need them

I get that masks are a hot topic at this time and a very touchy subject for a lot of people.   We still need the mask mandate in Pasco County.   When we look at the stats we are not out of the woods.   Our testing rates are still over 10 percent positive.   “DOH reported that results of 82,030 tests done overall in Pasco had an average rate of 10.15% coming back as positive on Sept. 8, compared to 10.14% on Sept. 7, 10.16% on Sept. 6, 10.18% on Sept. 5, 10.18% on Sept. 4, 10.2% on Sept. 3, 10.19% on Sept. 2 and 10.2% on Sept. 1. Fifty-eight tests were inclusive and results were pending for 131.”

We need to trust that our public health workers know their jobs and know what is best.   I get it masks can be uncomfortable but when we are faced with a public health crisis they are our best bet.   I have had a lot of people ask me for examples, I talk a lot about TB.   It is also an airborne infectious disease and we make sure we mask up and the patient masks up when we are near the person infected or possibly infected with TB.   We do this and have done this for years to prevent the spread of infection.   It is time for us to let the Public Health Workers to do their jobs and stop making this a political issue.   The safety and health of a community falls on the leaders of that community.   When they know that there is a public health risk they need to look to the experts and work together to make sure that the people are protected.

I know that there is a meeting on the 21st where they want to take away the mandate, but we are not ready.   Our testing rates are still over 10 percent.   Our schools are quarantining students, staff and teachers, taking away a mandate is just asking for trouble at this point in time.   We will have to deal with COVID for a while it is a virus that will not be gone anytime soon but we can slow the spread and try to slow the spread but it will take this whole community working together and following the Public Health directives to do that.

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