Local issues matter!

I hear it all the time.   That people do not vote in the midterms because only the “big” elections matter.   Well the midterms matter as well.   This is the supporting cast election.   This is the down ballot elections.   The elections for the people that make the decisions that impact your daily lives.   The people that can decide what schools get improvements.   The people that decide what to do about the Flooding in Pasco.  The people that get to decide about permitting mines and expanding Ridge Rd.

Down Ballot elections matter.   They matter because they make a lot of the decisions that we deal with daily.    Currently every state office is up for election in Pasco.   Every State Office.   That includes the Governor as well.   At this time there are 22 people running for Governor in Florida.   Yet most people do not vote during the midterms.   If you want to change things like I want to.   You need to ask your friends and your family if they vote.

We currently are seeing programs being cut in Florida that directly impact Pasco County.   We constantly see the Affordable Housing take a cut, yet we have a large population of homeless individuals in Pasco.   We constantly remove or eliminate the programs designed to help them.   If we do not have programs for them how are we supposed to work to end the issue of homelessness.   We need to start funding the programs that our county needs to solve it’s problems.   We cannot do that if we keep having the same people in there that only care about their donors and what their party says to care about.    http://wlrn.org/post/florida-facing-affordable-housing-crisis

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