It has been a busy month

I had an interview with the AP of Florida, which was picked up by the Washington Post and the New York Times.  I was interviewed while out walking the Sernova with the group trying to protect it and was then on Bay News 9.   Talking about why we need to protect the Serenova.   I then went to the breakfast at Gulf Harbors Civic Association and helped them bus some tables.   I have been out knocking on doors and talking to a lot of voters.   The more people I talk to the more momentum this campaign gets.  So today I will be out at the Dade City Fair.   I will be milking a cow.   I will be in the Celebrity Cow Milking Contest.   So come on out and cheer me on.   I have not milked a cow in over 30 years, so lets see if I still have it.

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