I will continue to stand up for those that cannot!

As some of you know,  I ran and worked at a small non-profit that helped people living with AIDS.   Our agency closed it’s doors today.   We worked hard in the area fighting for people to get the care and the help that they needed but the state of Florida felt that our program was unnecessary.   So today I said goodbye to all of the hardworking case managers at our agency and wished them will in their future endeavors.   It has been a difficult day for me, because I worry about the staff and the people that we served.

I always benefited from knowing the people we served.   They were amazing individuals who had a lot of strength.   I learned from all of them that it takes inner strength to continue on, even when it seems like life is hard.   I have known that life is hard my whole life, but working with my people I learned how to keep going on when it seems like you want to shut down.   This transition in my life has been difficult but it got me involved in the political world again.   I always said that I would not run for office because of my loyalty to the people that I serve, and it is because of that loyalty that I am running.   I believe that we need a politician that is loyal to the people they serve, not the developers or the people that fund their campaigns.   We deserve someone that believes that people are important and that people matter.   Someone that can set aside their own personal pain and issues and continue on for the betterment of the people.   I know that it is my inner strength and conviction that has my opposition scared, and I have all of the people I have served over the years to thank for that.    I appreciate all of the support that I have received and all of the support I will receive.

2 Replies to “I will continue to stand up for those that cannot!”

  1. Brandi is fighting for me! She is fighting for YOU. She’s fighting for YOUR Family. What has the current elected officials done for you? I proudly support Brandi Geoit and she has my vote!

  2. I have known Brandi Geoit for several years. She is a caring person and a hard worker. Pasco County will be lucky to have her as a Commissioner. She has smart solutions for our problems and listens to residents. Sick of developers and big businesses running our county? Vote for Brandi Geoit.

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