I had two opponents for about a day

I was excited to have 2 Republicans running against me.   This meant more choices for the voters, but that lasted a day.   One of them dropped out after being in the race for 24 hours.   Campaigning is hard and knowing the rules that your employer has for Campaigning can also be difficult.

I have noticed that our constant posting about Holiday though has changed the discussion from a renaming to a rebranding.   Usually that still means renaming but I am curious as to what the County plans to do about the issues in Holiday.   Holiday has a lot of great people that reside there, but they also have a lot of issues that the County ignores.   The longer they ignore these problems the worse that they are getting.   So I encourage people to keep telling the County about your issues.   Apparently during an election year they are listening.   So if we want to change how they are treating people this is apparently the time to do it.

Also if you need to walk off the pounds from the cakes and pies that you might have just ate, come out and join us Knocking Doors.   On my facebook page you will find the events.   If you do not want to volunteer for candidates but you want a chance to help in another way, check out the Save the Serenova group.   They will also be out this weekend working to save the environment.   There are a lot of options for you to get involved with change.



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