I am Free!!!!

So the Facebook lock down is officially over.   I am free to share, invite, join and comment in groups again.   I am sure that I will once again be put back in lock down and I am sure that the other side will pretend to be innocent.   What did it do to my campaign, well it limited my ability to share on my own with people and groups, but my followers shared for me.   I still gained Followers between this lock down and the 1st lock down, I gained over 100 followers.   I was still able to raise money for my campaign and I was still able to reach the people.   So the lock down did not slow down my campaign.   I was still out there meeting people and getting invited to events.    I am sure that I will be on lock down again.   Since I know that I make them nervous.   Every time I speak out and every time I post they get nervous.   It makes you wonder what are they afraid of?

So thank you for all of the support and shares while I was on lock down and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.

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