How do you chose?

There are so many issues in Pasco County that need to be changed, The issues with crime, poverty, blight, homelessness, mining, employees not getting raises, attempt to rename places, poor infrastructure, flooding, not maintaining roads, ridge road extension, underfunded parks, etc. etc .   These are just the one’s off the top of my head.  All of these issues matter, and a lot of them are intertwined together.   We need to help all of the people of Pasco County.   We have a lot of great people here, and some of them have fallen on hard times.   We have a lot of great places here that the county has let fall into disrepair.   If we maintained what we had, and we improved it, we would see an increase in tourism.   Which would bring more money into the county.   I hear all the time that we have 2 counties here, East Pasco and West Pasco, but I disagree.   We have a section along the 54 corridor that gets a lot of new developments but Dade City’s statistics match up with a lot of the west side of the county.   We cannot continue to ignore what is going on in this county.   I have heard from a lot of citizen’s about the problems that they are having.   Some of them are problems that the County created.   Such as the permitting of a mine near residences.   There is no need to blast near people’s homes, nor near the springs head of the Weekie Wachee.   We need to be paying attention to what citizen’s want and what citizen’s need and unfortunately that is not the case at this time.   We have Commissioners that are only focused on their needs and not the needs of the people that they are supposed to be representing.

So how do you chose which issue is important, you do not.   They are all important and they all deserve to be heard and worked on.   You just have to be able to work on all of them.   We need to start taking care of the people that live here and the people that work here.   They are the one’s that matter.   Not the developers that want to build everywhere in Pasco.

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