While out canvassing in Holiday all I heard about was how angry the residents are at the name change proposal.   They were not consulted, they do not feel the Commissioners care about them, and they do not want the name to change.   What they did express was, that they want Holiday fixed.   They want the flooding issues resolved, they want the crime, and the blight issues handled.   They love the name Holiday and think that changing the name to appease a developer and get tourists in for a short amount of time, will solve nothing.

If you want tourists to come to the area, then we need to fix these issues.   We have opportunities here to improve the way that Holiday is, but changing a name will never make that any better.   It is putting a coat of paint on grass, the grass will continue to grow and the paint will be gone before you know it.   The fact that the Commissioners are excited about this and even considering this, says that they have given up on actually improving Holiday.   If you want large developers to come in then work on improving the way US 19 looks.   Fixing the medians is fine but when the sides of 19 have empty shopping plazas and parking lots that doesn’t make people want to shop there or visit there.   Fix the flooding.   What is going to happen the first time that the RV resort they are building floods?   We all know that Holiday has flooding issues because most of the West Side of Pasco County does.   So what tourist is going to want to go to an RV park with pictures online of everything being underwater?

The actual lack of future thought when it comes to development and things that happen often in Pasco is one of our major issues.   I want to fix this and bring thoughts of how this will impact us in the future as one of the thoughts we have at the County level.

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