Haven’t perfected cloning yet

As a candidate there are so many great groups and meetings that you want to be able to attend.   Often finding the time and arranging your schedule to be at all of them is impossible.    I get invites from a lot of different groups.   Groups that want to talk to me about how they want to see improvements and changes in Pasco County.   So I have to be a master in Time Management because I have not figured out how to clone myself yet.

I have to divide my time and work on where I can and cannot be.   It takes coordination with who will be with my daughter if she cannot attend and how long I can stay at one event.   It takes a lot of determination and the ability to listen and step up when I am there.   I have found that the people of Pasco want to see the change happen.   They want to see the improvements come to Pasco that they have been promised for years.   They know that I am the person to help make this happen.   I am honored by all of the groups that reach out to me and when I am elected, I will not hide until election year.   I will be seen and I will be there for the people of Pasco.

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