Had a great time at the Fair!

I had a great time out there supporting our Agriculture business in Pasco.   I got to meet a lot of great people and I got to talk to a ton of constituents.   We were in a booth close to the Republican party and it was noticeable how many people stopped there vs our booth.   Our booth had a lot of people stop by to see us and talk about Pasco.   They did not.   It is clear that people want there to be a big wave of change in Pasco.   People were so happy to hear that they would have choices on the ballot.   They were excited that there are candidates out there that are working to improve the quality of life for all of the people of Pasco.   We had quite a few Republicans that came to our booth and talked to us about how they want there to be a change and how they are disappointed with their party and with their elected officials.   I did not see my opponent at the fair at all.   He did not attend the cow milking and he was not at the booth or talking to the people at the fair.   I understand the importance of the Agriculture business in Pasco.   I understand the amount of people it employs and the amount of food that it helps to produce.   I respect the farmers and the work that they do.   That is why I made it a point to be at the fair as much as I could.   I was there Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.   The fair will be wrapping up today and there will be volunteers of mine there today.   My opponent did not have anyone there representing him nor did he show up at all.

I wanted to thank all of the vendors, the FFA members, The 4H members, the farmers, the sponsors, the police officers, the first responders,  and the workers that made the fair possible.   If it were not for them the Agriculture business in Pasco would not have been as spotlighted as they were this week.   Thank you to everyone that attended the fair and all of our volunteers that worked to get the petitions signed.   We got a ton of petitions this week and I will be dropping more off at the Supervisor of Elections this week.   This gets me a lot closer to qualifying.  I am now off the the Quilt show in New Port Richey, I hope to see you there.

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