Government Shut downs hurt us all

This is not a good thing to be happening right now.   I know I normally focus on the local issues but this issue does hurt this area as well.   What this means is that a lot of employees will not be getting paid and they will be told they still have to return to work.   Some of these agencies have to still show up for work and they are not being paid.

The long term effects of this will be felt on a local level.   Not right away but it will get to us eventually.   This could slow down the issuing of checks and payments for programs.   We currently do not have the CHIP program approved this will delay the approval of this program even longer.   This will mean that Children could go without medical care.   We have people in office that claim that they are great negotiators.   What the world is seeing right now is someone that is not a great negotiator.    The longer this shut down goes on the worse it will be for our country.   We need to have politicians that are willing to work for the best interests of the citizens of this country.  I know that I will be working for the best interests of the citizens of Pasco.

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