Fundraising and getting people involved

I have been fortunate to have so many people giving me their time to get me on the ballot.   I appreciate all of the volunteers that we have had out at the canvassing events.   We are proving to people that if you have the right candidates that they can motivate people to get involved and that there are people here in Pasco that are willing to make that change happen.   We cannot do it without our volunteers.   They are the backbone of any good campaign and give the campaign the heart and the drive that it needs to move forward.   We have been getting more people out to our events then they have seen in the past.   We are proving to a lot of large agencies that there is a great ground game here in Pasco and that there is a wave of people that are ready to change the face of the people in office.

I have also been fortunate to have some people donating to my campaign.   Fundraising is also key because if you do not get financial backing you cannot purchase campaign materials.   Yard Signs and Literature cost money.   Advertising costs money.   These are things that you need to run a successful campaign.   So yes fundraising is just as important.  On January 11th I will be doing my first campaign fundraiser at Rose’s Bistro in New Port Richey at 7pm.   The requested minimum donation for the event is 25 dollars.   If you are interested in coming to the event let me know.   You can pay online at my Crowdpac

Or at the door with a check as long as I know you are coming.

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