Environmental Issues

I have talked a lot about the environment in a lot of my positions.   All of these issues are intertwined.   You cannot talk about infrastructure and roads without talking about the environmental impact.

I am against the Ridge Road Expansion because of the impact to the environment and the concerns about the flooding that this will cause.

I want to clean up our inland rivers and lakes because I do not think that we should have a map at the county office that shows that the majority of our inland waters are infested with Fecal Coliform Bacteria.   Addressing this issue needs to be a priority of the county.

If we want to bring in tourists into this county we need to work with the resources that we have.  We have a lot of beautiful nature and water that we can use to try and bring them in, but no one wants to be in polluted water.   We need to start looking at how our policies are impacting our environment.  The health of a community can be directly connected to the environment it is in.