Endorsements and Fundraising

A lot of people do not realize that in order to get an endorsement you have to raise a certain amount of money for some of them.   I currently have 2 pending endorsements if I cross the finish line of raising a certain amount of money.   I have been very fortunate that so many people are willing to work with me on my campaign.   They are willing to knock on doors and they are willing to volunteer and some are willing to donate.   Any donation does help.   It helps with getting the word out about my campaign and it helps with getting my name on the ballot.   I am very close to having my name officially on the ballot.   It is because of all the volunteers and all of the people that believe in my campaign that this is possible.   If it were not for them and their support I would not be here today.

If you want to volunteer let me know.   If you can donate please do.   If you think you know someone that wants to donate, share my link with them.   Getting the money does matter because I need to buy literature, lawn signs, mailers, and campaign materials.  Also I need to get the official endorsements of some of the groups.   It is amazing the amount of grassroots support that I get from people.   It is also amazing when I hear that people are talking about my campaign.   The word of mouth about me is great.   I cannot believe the County wide support that I am receiving just on word of mouth.   So Thank you all for your constant support and if you can please share my donation link and help make this campaign grow.   https://www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/311392/brandi-geoit

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