Drainage & Flooding

We all know that the west side of this county floods.   We see it when we get a hard rain.   This is something that we need to be addressing year round, not just when it floods.   We need to have a linear plan to deal with these issues.

We currently go neighborhood by neighborhood, and it seems to be solving nothing.   I understand that the county has a 30 year plan to handle a lot of these issues but a lot of things change in 30 years.   30 years ago, I was typing on a word processor and computers were not in everyone’s home.   We need a plan that handles these issues yearly and then has the foresight of what will happen in 30 years.

No one can predict the future but you can do a best guess based upon what we have seen.   My neighborhood does not flood but everything around it does.

We should not have major roads underwater.  Likewise, neighborhoods should not flood every time we get a hard rain.  We need to look at what we can do to  address repetitive flooding issues with better storm water drainage.

We also need to take a hard look at where we allow development to occur and make sure that the developers are making adequate provisions for drainage when they propose new projects.