Down Ballot Races Matter!

We have a lot of Municipal Races that are up for election in April.   Currently there is no one running in a lot of the municipalities in Pasco County.   We will have 2 seats in Dade City up for election, 2 seats in Port Richey up for election, 3 in San Antonio, and 3 in St Leo.   These seats matter as well.   We need people in that want to see progress in our county.    We have an opportunity to be the wave of change in Pasco County.   We have people already running in Zephyrhills.   There are also people that are going to step up for New Port Richey, but what about the other cities in Pasco?   We need to make sure that the wave of change starts from the ground and works up.

I know that I have been leading the charge for the wave of change in Pasco, and I have learned that I have been making a lot of progress with that.   I spoke with some amazing women from another county and one of them is going to run for office in their county.   This is why we need someone on every ticket in every race in Pasco.   This is our chance to be effective in making change happen.   If we never step up, and we never try then we will never make it happen.


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