Down Ballot not as Fancy as the President but we matter!

Yesterday the campaign did a lot of phone calls to voters in Pasco County.   I love talking to the voters.   I had a lot of great conversations yesterday but two of them were people who said they were not going to vote.  As you know that is a big oh no moment for me.   So we had a long talk about elections.   I asked what about voting makes you not want to vote.   They talked about how they just did not feel that the choices they had were the best and that no matter what their vote in the grand scheme did not matter.

So I did the Brandi thing and talked about down ballot candidates and who we are and what we do.   We had long discussions about County officials and what they do and what they don’t actually do.   We talked about State Seats and what they do and what they don’t do.   They then said they did not know who the candidates were that were running.   So we discussed voting by mail.   They will get the ballot six weeks before the election.   They can sit and google the candidates and see what they are all about.   They can learn about the issues that they care about and see if they have actually done anything in the past to help with those issues.   We discussed how local politics impacts them directly.   That the top of the ticket is the fanciest of the seats out there but it is not the one and only out there.   The local elections have consequences and they can be either good or bad if people do not vote!   They are the deciders of roads, sewers, schools, the jobs that come here, what improvements are done in the community, how our tax dollars are spent, and they are supposed to be the people that you see during a crisis situation out there helping you and talking to you about what to do to keep you and your family safe.   I then asked them, have they seen any of their elected officials at this time?   They both said no.   I asked do you think that is leadership or just someone in a seat because they want the title that comes with it?   This is why we need people voting.   It is our only way to hold elected officials accountable and it is the only way to change things!

After our lengthy conversations they both agreed to sign up for vote by mail so they can learn who the candidates are so they can vote.  So sign up for vote by mail for your safety and the safety of others or just to be able to sit at home and vote.   We need you to help us make this county a better county!

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  1. The current pandemic has really magnified the need for a very strong and responsive local representation. County and city and school representatives are facing important issues now that have been not been faced previously. With the pandemic still looming large, it’s many local representatives making life and death decisions. There’s nothing unimportant about down ballots! Vote Brandi for real representation with intelligence and heart!

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