Door knocking, you never know who you will meet!

I love going out and talking to people.   I think that knocking on the doors is a great way to engage people in the voting process and to learn what issues they have.   While out knocking doors yesterday, we met a lot of people and had a lot of great experiences.   There are some that stand out in my mind.   The Republicans we ran into that started to give us a hard time but then listened to what we had to say and said they were voting for us and signed our petitions.   The unregistered woman who said she kept meaning to register but never got around to it.   The most memorable was when we went to one door and apparently they are related to a current elected official.   They were excited to see us, they hugged us, they invited us inside and they even called their cousin on the phone to tell them that we were there getting petitions signed.

I have found that door knocking is amazing because you learn a lot about the people.   You can talk to them about local groups that they can check out and you can talk to them about their voting plan.   They were excited to learn that there might be a Democrat running for every office next year.   We only have 2 seats to get a Democrat to run for and we are trying to find someone, because people need choices.   So talk to your neighbors about what their plan is for election day.   We need to get people voting and the more people we get out there voting the more change that is possible.


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